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I believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and he died on the cross and that he will come back but before he does are you ready for him? I also believe he can heal me out of this chair. God will never leave me, and when no one wants to listen or I think I am alone, God will never leave me.
I have three disabilities, and yes I believe in Jesus Christ despite my disabilities, my dad died and when to heaven with Jesus Christ he died of colon cancer my journal is somewhere I can blog on a frustrating and good day.. =]
I have a boyfriend he's disabled too, he has dmd, I have cerebral palsy, reigers syndrome and myotonic dystrophy. I use a power chair full time, I have pca's. I get every thing I ask for. On my 22nd birthday I wanted a dog, so I got one, I got a handicap van, I wanted a boyfriend and I got them. Now I'm waiting for a healing.
Your welcome to add me as a friend.. and read my thoughts..
God Bless..

♥ Min ♥

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